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Saybolt Viscosimeter

ASTM D-88 AASHTO T-72  For determining saybolt viscosity of petroleum products at specified temperature between 21.1 and 98.8 C.
Stainless steel bath, motor stirer, 220 V-AC, Thermostat control panel, 2 tubes capacity
Viscosimeter Tube
Brass, seamless, provided with tips and tip wrench
Tube Wrench
Brass with rubber bulb
Thermometer Support
Alumunium plate
60 ml capacity
Brass, 60oangle, complete with mesh 100 / mesh 200
ASTM Thermometer
17 C, 19 to 27oC
ASTM Thermometer

18 C, 34 to 42oC
ASTM Thermometer
19 C, 49 to 57oC
ASTM Thermometer
20 C, 57 to 65oC
ASTM Thermometer
21 C, 79 to 87oC
ASTM Thermometer
22 C, 95 to 103oC