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Sand Cone Test

alat untuk memeriksa kepadatan tanah di  lokasi

For determining the density of compacted soil in place.

Sand Cone Bottle Plastic, 4 ltr cap. approx. 1 Pc

Sand Cone Funnel Seamless metal, turning stoper, 6 1/ 2 ” dia. bottom, 1/ 2 ” neck dia. 1 Pc
Base Plate Cast alumunium, 12 ” x 12 ” 1 Pc
Graduated Sand Uncemented sand, passing # 10, retained # 60, 25 kg capacity 1 Zak
Sample Can Round can, tinned metal 6 Pcs
Round Scoop Cast alumunium 1 Pc
Spoon Stainless steel 1 Pc
Trowel Pointed type 1 Pc
Chisel Hardened type 1 Pc
Rubber Mallet Wooden handle 1 Pc
Glass Plate
Dimension ( l x w x h) : 70 x 70 x 50 cm
Gross Weight : 50 kg

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penelitian metode pasir kerucut, Sand Cone Test – peralatan sipil.