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Marshall Test Set

ASTM D-1559   AASHTO T-245 For determining the resistance to plastic flow of cylinder specimen of bituminous paving mixture loaded on the lateral surface by means of the marshall apparatus.
Compression Machine
Steel frame, electric, 220 V-AC, 1/2 HP, 1 Phase, speed:2″ per minute
Compaction Mold
Machined steel, galvanized, 4″ dia., 3″ height, with collar and base plate
Stability Mold
Cast alumunium, split type 4″ i.d., 4″ wide
Compaction Hammer
Machined steel, galvanized, 10 lbs, hammer weight, 18″ drop height, for sample 4″ dia.
Compaction Pedestal
Wooden base with steel platen
Compaction Mold Holder
Machined steel, quick clamping system , for mold 4″ dia.
Steel frame, hydraulic system, for sample 4″ dia.
Flow Meter
Cast alumunium, clamping bolt, with dial indicator
Water Bath
12 litre capacity, internal bath dimensiion 35 x 27 x 12 cm  (l x w x h) Temperature range from room temperature to  70oC (working temperature 60oC)
Proving Ring  6.000 lbs capacity
Precision measuring device, high grade steel with plated finishing, Supplied complete with Analog DialIndicator and calibration chart.