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Laboratory CBR Test Set

ASTM D-1883 AASHTO T-193 For determining the bearing ratio of soil

Electrical Loading Machine
Electric, 220 V-AC, 1/2 HP, 1 Phase, speed 0.05″/min reversing switch, 10.000 lbs cap.
CBR Mold
Machined steel, 6″ i.d, 7″ weight, 2″ height of collar
Spacer Dish
Machined steel, 5 15/16″ dia., 2.416″ height
Cutting Edge
Machined steel, sharp edge
Circular Surcharge Weight
Machined steel, 5 7/8″ o.d., 2 1/8″ i.d, 5 lbs weight
Slotted Surcharge Weight
Machined steel, 5 7/8″ o.d., 2 1/8″ slotted width, 5 lbs weight
Standard Proctor Hammer
Machined steel, galvanized, 2″ i.d., 18″ drop height, 10 lbs weight
Filter Paper
6″ dia., 100 sheet/box
Proving Ring  6.000 lbs capacity
Precision measuring device, high grade steel with plated finishing, Supplied complete with Analog DialIndicator and calibration chart.
Dial Indicator
1.0 in. x   0.001 inch
Square Pan
Galvanized steel provided with handles on both sides.65 x 65 x 7.5 cm
Thin Box
Alumunium sheet, provided with cap. 60 gram capacity
Graduated Cylinder
Plastic made, 1000 ml capacity
Scoop Alumunium
Cast alumunium materials, Round bottom, medium size
Wooden handle, pointed type.
Straight Edge
30 cm length peralatan lain yang diperlukan dalam penelitian terkait timbangan kapasitas 30 kg dengen ketelitian 1 gr klik disini saringan analisa klik disini Laboratoy CBR Test – peralatan sipil