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Hydrometer Analysis Test Set

ASTM D-422   AASHTO T-88 For determining grain size distribution of fine soil sample.

Hydrometer A   (152 H)
Glass, stream line, range 0-60 gr soil/ltr
Hydrometer B  (151 H)
Glass, stream line, range 0.995-1.038
Mechanical Stirer
Electric, 220 V, cast alumunium frame, 10.000 rpm
Dispersion Cup
Stainless steel cup, 3.75” top dia., 2.6” bottom dia. 7” height brass baffles
Hydrometer Jar Bath
Steel sheet, fibre glass couted, temperature control
Steel sheet, fibre glass coated, 60 x 30 x 40 cm
Water Heater
Electric, range ambient to 40oC
Dispension Agent
Sodium Hexa
Bottled, powder
Water Glass
Bottled, liquid
Hydrometer Jar
Glass, 1000 ml capacity, 2 ½” dia. Approx.
Graduated Cylinder
Glass made, 1000 ml capacity
Thermometer   Glass
Glass, alcohol indicator, Range 0 – 50oC