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Hand Bor

Drilling for soil sampling preparation.
Drilling Rod
Solid bar, 1mtr length, 1 1/4″ dia
Iwan Type Auger
Welded steel, two radial blades, 4″ dia
Straight Chopping Auger
Steel bar, hardened tip, 45 mm width
Welded steel
Tube Adaptor
Machined steel, with 3 clamping bolts
Turning Rod
Machined steel, 1 1/4″ dia, 60 cm length
Sampling Tube
68 mm dia, 40 cm length with 3 bolt holes
Rod Head
Hardened, machined steel, 2 1/2″ dia
Vertical Guide
Machined Steel
Pipe Wrench
24″ length
Steel, 5 kg weight
Steel Wire Brush
For cleaning laboratory /     field apparatus.