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Compression Machine

Uji Test Tekan Beton

Alat penguji mutu beton, tersedia dalam beberapa varian diantaranya

compression machine electric Manual beserta display analog dan digital.

ASTM C-39 , For determining compressive strength of concrete cube 15 x 15 x15 cm or concrete cylinder 15 cm dia. x 30 cn height, 2000 kN capacity, 10 kN increments
Heavy-duty welded steel construction 30 cm . (profile steel columns 10 thick botttom and upper plate)
Hydraulic System, For 2000 kN Cap Hydraulic System
Mild-Steel cylinder, Hard-chromed piston, 230 mm diameter , Maximum working pressure 50.000 kPa, Overall dimension 300 mm dia. x 320 mm height Single action, gravity return, Mild-Steel cylinder, Hard-chromed piston, 250 mm diameter, Maximum working pressure 50.000 kPa
Hydraulic Pump
Electric, 220 V AC, 50-60 HZ, 750   Watt , 1 Phase, Single action, variable speed, 6.000 ml reservoir capacity Maximum working pressure 50.000 kPa, Single action, gravity return
Force Gauge
280 mm dial diameter.With maximum load pointer.
Compressive Platen
Upper : 180 x 180 mm, ball seating Lower : 250 mm diameter
Horizontal: 290 mm ,Vertikal : 310 mmperalatan lain yang diperlukan dalam penelitian antara lain Concrete Cylinder Mould klik disiniConcrete Cube Mould klik disiniVertical capping Cylinder klik disiniBalance klik disini Compression Machine, test tekan beton – Peralatan sipil